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Founders' Favorites

100% Pure is where you’ll find truly organic, pure and healthy beauty products. That’s because instead of overloading our products with nasty skin irritating chemicals (like those commonly found in store bought products), we enrich ours with age defying antioxidants, skin pampering oils and naturally occurring vitamins. These then combine to keep your skin nourished, clarified and hydrated all day long.

If you’re a little bit curious about trying our products, then why not check out our founder, Susie Wang’s favorites below? These are her most loved beauties; beauties of which will work wonders on any skin type!

Be sure to keep a look out for in this collection for our gentle seaweed soaps, moisturizing acai berry facial creams and protective face oils. These are not only highly regarded by Susie, but also by our darling customers. Shop now!